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Birthdate:Jan 15
Location:Toledo, Ohio, United States of America
i always hate having to describe myself in these things. i'm jamie. people call me a lot of different variations of the name, so you can call me whatever you wish. i'm in a wheel chair(i have cerebral palsy, i was born too early, it's not a big deal), and i am gay. if that bothers you, you're free to go elsewhere. i'm pretty easy-going. it takes a lot to offend me, so don't feel like you have to walk on eggshells around me or whatever. i have really strong opinions and always mean what i say. i don't like to sugar-coat things. i'm anorexic, i hate saying that i am 'recovered' because i don't think that people are ever fully recovered from it, as it is always a struggle, especially for me. but, i have gained weight, as much as i hate it. my journal is slashy, obviously because i am gay and i love women but i also love gay men. i don't know, don't ask me to explain that one because i've stopped trying a long time ago. i'm a fanfiction whore, and a fandom whore in general. i don't like it when people bash my shows and i let that be known, which often pisses people off, but oh well. i'm also a total photoshop whore, so i post graphics and stuff, too. that's all i can think of to say right now. if you have questions, just give me a holler, i only bite when i'm asked to.

tv shows/movies that i like are as follows: supernatural, queer as folk, the l word, american idol, one tree hill, buffy, angel, bones, harry potter, moonlight, numb3ers, dawson's creek, brokeback mountain, house, brothers & sisters, gilmore girls, so you think you can dance, etc.

characters/people that i 'ship': brian/justin, jared/jensen(just them. i'm not into wincest), shane/carmen, shane/molly, helena/dylan, lucas/brooke, lucas/peyton, buffy/angel, angel/cordy, willow/tara, willow/kennedy, alice/tasha, mick/beth, pacey/joey, jack/ennis, luke/noah, kevin/scotty, harry/ginny, ron/hermione, rory/dean, sam/sarah, dean/demon!casey, chuck/sara, ned/chuck

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